A jump into the inner world of an Animal Shelter

This a photographical project about the daily life of an Animal Shelter here in Amsterdam. The daily life of the people, of the animals, of the visitors…

The purpose of these pictures is trying to reveal the relation between man and animal. In particularly with dogs.
DOA Monique-3
This relation which as started 15 000 years ago, when mens were not even man, meaning the one we know today and dog not exactly the one we can see today. But through the eyes of all of us we can see that we still have this initial sparkle that all living beings have in there eye.
DOA Monique-9531
What we discover by spending time in a animal shelter is that the motivation of taking care of the animal is a bit like an iceberg it is not about what we see but more about what we dont see. What is really beside the first motivation from volunteer. A shelter is a place you think you are here to support and help the animals but in real it is the contrary. They take care of our soul. Thank you to Monique who introduced me to this world and Karin from the communication departement who allowed me to run such a project. It is an on going project in which I will come on a regularly basis to visit the shelter, the people and the animals. Some pictures of dogs are  blurry or poorly framed on purpose due to police or legal reason . This constraint lead in a creative way of witnessing the subject , it is a dimensions of the relation

Sometimes in the flash of an eye you can see eternity .
DOA Monique-8272 DOA Monique-9430
DOA Monique-9449 DOA Monique-9450 DOA Monique-9462

DOA Monique-9512
DOA Monique-9520 DOA Monique-9523 DOA Monique-9538DOA Monique-9560DOA Monique-9545 DOA Monique-9580 DOA Monique-9583 DOA Monique-9585 DOA Monique-9589 DOA Monique-9594 DOA Monique-9600 DOA Monique-9604 DOA Monique-9608 DOA Monique-9611 DOA Monique-9632 DOA Monique-9643 DOA Monique-9653 DOA Monique-9674 DOA Monique-9686 DOA Monique-9688 DOA Monique-9689 DOA Monique-9696 DOA Monique-9701 DOA Monique-9732 DOA Monique-9747 DOA Monique-9754 DOA Monique-9757 DOA Monique-9772 DOA Monique-9782 DOA Monique-9790 DOA Monique-9797 DOA Monique-9803 DOA Monique-9806 DOA Monique-9810 DOA Monique-9835 DOA Monique-9839 DOA (2 sur 28)DOA (6 sur 28)DOA (7 sur 28)DOA (9 sur 28)DOA (10 sur 28)DOA (13 sur 28)DOA (17 sur 28)DOA (18 sur 28)DOA (21 sur 28)DOA (22 sur 28)DOA (25 sur 28)DOA (27 sur 28)DOA (28 sur 28) DOA Monique-9894 DOA Monique-9897

DOA Monique-9908 DOA Monique-9919 DOA Monique-9923 DOA Monique-9929

DOA Gerrit (10 sur 42)
Gerrit is Dutch is volunteer working in DOA Gerrit had a life before, he was working, he was living in Canada he was healthy, he was in love he was married, he was … but now he is :  he is handicapped, he is suffering, he is unemployed, he is divorced, he is living alone in a small apartment but he is more than the sum of that. Gerrit is more and more, day after day, he is growing by giving,  sharing,  caring, and loving what he is doing. http://www.dierenasielamsterdam.nl. While spending time with Gerrit I realise how much the animals are in certain way a very good mate in helping us to face the reality of this world. No animals expect or hope for a better future, they just live in the present moment facing it with what they have, however they can, simply but truly enjoying it. Gerrit is one them, he is a true example in this sense of doing what he can with what he has without regretting the past or being afraid to  face the present. He means a lot to the cats . He understands them, respects them and communicates with them in a very unique way. He can tell you overall condition of the animal he is looking after. He has 16 cats to take care of, and when you know a bit about cats you realize that group balance is hard to achieve. Like in life everything is a question of balance and playing with it,

DOA Gerrit (8 sur 42)

Thank you Gerrit

DOA Gerrit (38 sur 42) DOA Gerrit (35 sur 42) DOA Gerrit (30 sur 42)

DOA Gerrit (41 sur 42)DOA Gerrit (29 sur 42) DOA Gerrit (27 sur 42)

DOA Gerrit (21 sur 42) DOA Gerrit (20 sur 42) DOA Gerrit (19 sur 42)

DOA Gerrit (2 sur 42)DOA Gerrit (14 sur 42)
DOA Gerrit (6 sur 42)DOA Gerrit (10 sur 42)

DOA Gerrit (12 sur 42)Thank you Gerrit


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