Portraits Session

A photograph is perhaps the most powerful way to show who you are or what you want to be.

I understand that my subjects come to me knowing what image they want to project. I like to open up this conversation and give people the power over their image by inviting them into the decision making process.

NDSM Shooting-56445644 In my work I try to capture the true essence of the human being in front of me. My clients are real people and so, through focus and communication, I aim to make the transition from client to real person as smooth and natural as possible while remaining sensitive and unobtrusive.

Dimitri (2 sur 7)



Dimitri (4 sur 7)

sans titre-8

Ahooting Michel LE ROUX , Amsterdam sans titre-7 06012015-IMG_5025
06012015-IMG_4858 sans titre-10


“A picture is a secret about a secret, the more tells you the less you know.” D. Arbus

JYC (14 sur 65)Magali (15 sur 27) JYC (31 sur 65)Natacha VS_Portrait couleur

NDSM Shooting-56445644 NDSM Shooting -74204529 NDSM Shooting -73932625 NDSM Shooting -72525502 NDSM Shooting -72323901 NDSM Shooting -72085758

NDSM Shooting-7104Copie 156445



Mai Loan-0131-2 Myriam-2Copie 33414LD



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